The 88th report of the boycott department in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine: An Arab boycott of the International Lawyers Football Championship in Marrakech

The boycott movement in Egypt renewed its call for a boycott of the Hashmilko Festival, which is being held by the Israeli occupation state in Sinai, Egypt.

Activists in the boycott campaigns also condemned the Israeli embassy in the UAE, commemorating the soldiers of the Israeli occupation army who fell in wars with Arab countries.

While the boycott campaigns valued the withdrawal of the Kuwaiti player "Badr Al-Hajri" from the Sunway International Chess Championship, in refusal to normalize with the Israeli occupation state.

The boycott campaigns also valued the Algerian lawyers' declaration issued by the Algeria Lawyers Organization, to boycott the World Cup soccer competition for lawyers held in Morocco, in refusal to normalize with the Israeli occupation state.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalization organized a protest in the city of Nakhil in Marrakesh, to confront normalization with the Israeli occupation state, through the World Cup for Lawyers.

In turn, the boycott campaigns valued the position of Tunisian lawyers regarding the boycott of the FIFA World Cup for lawyers, which is being held in Morocco, due to the participation of the Israeli occupation state.

On the other hand, activists in the boycott campaigns valued the acquittal of the French Court of Appeal of Olivia Zemmour, an activist in the "Europe of Palestine" movement, after the pharmaceutical company "Teva", which supports the Israeli occupation state, filed a lawsuit against her.

Meanwhile, the boycott campaigns condemned the attempts made by the friends of the Israeli occupation state in Norway to Judaize the educational curricula in the occupied Palestinian territories, and to interfere with the educational curricula of the Palestinian Authority through the European Union funders.

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